Day: January 11, 2021

A Brief History on Animation Studios in SingaporeA Brief History on Animation Studios in Singapore

Singapore is an animation studio considering itself to be the most progressive country in the whole of Asia, and is a perfect place for animation production. As it is an animation studio it is naturally a hub of all animation related activities. Singapore is home to the world’s largest animation trade fair, the Asia Pacific Animation Festival. And within its limits the studio is able to churn out animation films and TV series at a high rate. The country has also been recognized by the United States Library of Congress as a creative zone that houses exceptional exhibitions and cultural programs. Find out.

A Brief History on Animation Studios in Singapore

An animation studio in Singapore, under the leadership of a dedicated team of enthusiastic and creative individuals, churns out more animated movies and television series than any other animation production company in Asia. They are able to attract a large number of American and European clients to their doorsteps by showcasing the finest animation products to these visitors. Such animation studios have also opened up international relations with the likes of France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Japan and Taiwan. These countries have now become animation production homes for the haute couture crowd.

But perhaps the proudest claim of an animation studio in Singapore is the fact that it houses the only offline museum on Chinese art, history and culture, called the Baguazhang temple. The museum showcases a collection of over one thousand paintings, calligraphy and other items from different parts of China. For the last two decades the Baguazhang temple has been functioning as an open forum for discussions on everything Chinese. The forum has featured some of the most eminent personalities from far and wide. This has been an important factor in encouraging more people to visit Singapore and learn more about our history and culture. Visit the animation studio, and you will see the fruits of their labor – some fine Chinese animation films, produced here to entertain us.