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Antipest Control Perth – What is it and Do They Really Work?

pest control perth

If you’re looking for pest control Perth then you’ve found the right place. We are a family run business, set up in 2021 by Don and wife Mary who wanted to provide the best pest control services possible for people in Perth and Western Australia. We employ several pest control specialists including a range of licensed contractors as well as our own range of DIY pest control products.

Antipest Control Perth – What is it and Do They Really Work?

Antipesto Perth Pest Control is a successful family run, Western Australian company dedicated to servicing your house, business and investment with eco-friendly pest solutions. We have been servicing Perth and Joondalup since 2021. Most of our pest control Perth employees have an average five-year professional background in the pest industry. Some of our employees have an experience in all pest management areas and have previously been involved in the development of pest control solutions. We pride ourselves on having a well-balanced mix of professional knowledge and specialist knowledge to help our customers every day.

You will benefit from our expert knowledge, innovative pest control services and quality products. All pest control services are carried out as part of a consistent pest management system using a logical pest control plan. With our fully automated system we can complete the pest treatment process much faster and at a reduced cost to our customers. In addition to pest control services we offer a range of DIY products which can help you keep your garden free from pests. We have a comprehensive range of gardening tools, planting advice and garden products to help make your green area more attractive and less dangerous.

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