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Different Models of Straight Cutters

The ultimate straight cutting machine is the straight cutter. The straight cutter is a durable, versatile and extremely helpful straight cut machine. If you are looking for a straight cutter for your factory or shop, you may have to choose between the T-Bar Straight Cutter (for a heavy duty straight-cut) or the Compaq Straight Jacket (for a light-weight straight cutter). But they both have the same result: a straight, heavy-duty cutting machine that cuts all types of materials.

How to Choose Different Models of Straight Cutters

straight cutter


Both the T-Bar straight cutter and the Compaq straight cutter elite have the same features: easy slide blade depth adjustment, comfortable ergonomic handle, compatible with most straight edges. However, the difference lies on how much easier it is to use them. The T-Bar straight cutter Elite uses push rods to lock the blade right in place while the Compaq straight cutter uses knobs for depth adjustment. The 701-1 straight cutter from Logan is a pull-top style blade which is used with almost any straight edge. It also has pre-installed nylon screws and nylon guides to easily add the straight cutter onto the Matco Adapt-AFR and several other straight cutters.

The foamboard straight cutter is also very useful and comfortable. It is made from durable fiberglass reinforced plastic, which is heat resistant and easily cleaned. The ergonomic handle and quick release mechanism allows you to cut straight on foamboard or pre-finished foamboard panels. The Matco Abrasive Pro straight cutter has a rigid nylon plate that is gripped by a high-performance rubber mallet for accurate cuts.

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