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Neon Signs – Different Applications

Neon Lights are used in many different sectors of the economy. They are used to alert people and show urgency such as in traffic signals. These are also used in warning light systems for construction zones to help drivers know when to cross the street. Businesses that use Neon Lights often have flashing signs which help to alert customers to a sale or new service. Many restaurants use Neon Lights to make their businesses more noticeable at night.

Neon Signs – Different Applications

Neon signs are normally used in places where you will see people moving around or in low places that are hard to locate because of its bright light and bright glare. It was invented by Aloysius Eberle in 1932 for his Lighting Research Project in Pittsburgh. It is made from an inexpensive compound of nitrous and a phosphoric acid base. The neon gas is separated by an electrolyte bath so that only the positive charge is released for the people to see and it glows red. Neon Lights usually consist of bright tubes that glow red hot.


There are three types of fluorescent tubes in use. The first is the long lead gel tube, the second is the lamp tube, and the third is the Georges Claude lamp tube. Long lead gel tubes are the most common neon-type lights that are found around the world today; they are also very expensive and have a longer lifespan than lamp tubes. Some lamps are also still in production that utilize lamp-like gases called argon instead of the neon gas.

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