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The Dangers and Solutions For Lift Agency Employees

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If you are the person who owns a business that requires the use of a vehicle lift, or you work for a company that uses one then you know the potential dangers of operating one incorrectly. A vehicle falling off a lift can lead to serious physical harm, property damage, and even liability issues. Vehicle lifts must never be operated improperly, without proper safety instruction, and facility and manufacturer safety rules should always be followed at all times, especially while on the job.

Vehicle Lifts – For Those Difficult Repairs

The major mechanical functions of any lift system are usually quite obvious to the owner, but not always to the trained eye. Common signs of a faulty installation or malfunction include failing connection points on both the lift arms and the track, or both. Even a perfectly working car lift or truck lift that is just worn out can fall off the track, which could cause the vehicle lift to come loose, resulting in a crash or entrapment. Always double check that all connections are tightened, both on the track and on both the arms, as well as on the car lift itself. Loose connection points create a perfect opportunity for an accident to occur.

Once a vehicle has been securely secured onto a lift, safety measures must be put in place in order to prevent unwanted falls and/or entrapments. First, ensure that all sides of the vehicle are clear from whatever is being lifted. The vehicle lift arms need to be secured to the vehicle, both the tracks and the car itself, with any necessary hardware such as tie-downs being used to hold the arms in position. If a hydraulic system is being used, it’s important to ensure that the system is not damaged or restricted in any way while the lift is in use, or even before attempting to lift the car. The lift itself needs to be stable and the operator must operate all moving parts correctly in order to prevent undesirable effects such as slipping, hydroplaning, or uncontrolled falling.

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