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Why Grow Palmetto Turf?

palmetto turf

A new product that is gaining in popularity is the use of Palmetto Grassy Shampoo. Its effectiveness is unmatched by any other shampoo on the market and for good reason, its all natural ingredients are great for your hair and helps to make it healthier and more manageable, no matter what type of grass you have. Many people are discovering the many benefits of using grass shampoo instead of normal shampoo when they are trying to keep their grass green and healthy during the hotter months of the year. When the hot weather rolls back around, you can always rely on this wonderful alternative to help keep your lawn looking its best, while saving you money.


Another thing that you can do to help control the amount of snow you get on your driveway this winter is to go ahead and use some of your palmetto lawn fertilizer. We all know how frustrating it is to have to shovel snow away when you really want to be doing something else. The great thing about using a natural fertilizer like palmetto lawn fertilizer is that it is completely environmentally friendly and good for your lawn, even helping with the growth of disease-resistant weeds. This makes it the best winter colour grass solution for your lawn whether you are trying to keep your grass green during the colder months. It will also help keep the weeds at bay so that your grass will stay healthy during the spring and summer months.


If you have seen a lot of damage caused by people cutting their lawn too short, then you know that mowing short isn’t always the best option. When you cut your turf to bare stubble then it will be exposed to more sun, which will actually cause it to get brown, faster than anything else. The cool thing about using palmetto turf as opposed to thatch is that it withstands a lot of sun, it is not damaged by the sun and therefore it will keep its colour better. With that said, if you are someone that wants to make sure that you keep your lawn looking great during the fall and winter, then give palmetto turf a try for your next mowing session!

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