Let’s Be Real San Francisco submitted 34,000 signatures from San Francisco voters, nearly double what was needed, to put the measure on the ballot. It was an unprecedented amount of signatures submitted in record time.

San Francisco voters will have the opportunity to vote to overturn this ban in June 2018, on the Primary

Election ballot.

Join the campaign to overturn the ban today!

Make Your Voice Heard

Let’s be real! Bans and prohibitions just don’t work…not in the 1920s, not during the failed War on Drugs, and not today.

Make Your Voice Heard

Support San Francisco’s long-standing spirit of not restricting freedom of choice by telling responsible adults what they can and cannot do.

A coalition of adult consumers, neighborhood retailers and advocates for free choice has launched a referendum on the Board of Supervisor’s flawed tobacco ban so voters can decide.

Get involved today to help overturn the ban.

Paid for by Let’s Be Real San Francisco, A Coalition of Concerned Citizens Supporting Freedom of Choice, Adult Consumers, Community Leaders, and Neighborhood Small Businesses, Committee Major Funding from R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Financial disclosures are available at